Our Employment Attorneys

The distinguished JacksonWhite employment law team is dedicated to serving employees and employers with all their legal needs. Our team is comprised of dedicated, experienced advocates who stand ready to help Arizona employees and employers obtain justice with their employment law needs.

The JacksonWhite employment law team strives to advocate for and enforce workplace fairness and compliance. We serve our clients with counseling, negotiation, policy creation, and litigation. Our employment law team assists clients with understanding their specific employment rights and advocate on their behalf.

Led by SuperLawyer award recipients Mike Pruitt and Nate Hill, our diligent and experienced team provides exemplary service to each client. We provide our clients with attentive, personalized assistance. Our skilled attorneys handle a wide range of employment law practice areas, including overtime pay, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, and non-compete agreements. The JacksonWhite employment law team is readily available to answer questions and provide a consultation to discuss the merits of any potential case.

Mike Pruitt leads the JacksonWhite employment law team with over 30 years experience representing employees and employers across the valley.
Nate Hill is a shareholder at JacksonWhite and regularly represents clients in various industries with their employment related matters.