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If you've experienced discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation or other issues in the workplace, the experienced employment law attorneys of JacksonWhite Law can help.

Our team has decades of experience protecting the rights of employees in the Phoenix metro area. If you've been denied your workplace rights, wages or benefits, attorneys Mike Pruitt and Nate Hill  can help ensure your legal rights are upheld and protected when it matters most.

To learn more about how our employment law team can help your situation, or to discuss your legal options, get in touch with us today.

Employment Law Services


If you’ve been discriminated against in the workplace because of your age, race or other “unchangeable characteristics,” your employee rights may have been violated. We can help employees facing discrimination issues of all kinds.


It is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees after complaints are made against an employer, and in other circumstances. Learn what to do if you believe you’ve been retaliated against in the workplace.


The Family and Medical Leave Act was designed to help employees balance responsibilities at work and at home, and employers must abide by these laws when you’re taking FMLA leave. Learn what to do if you’re facing FMLA-related issues at work.

Sexual Harassment

If you’ve been harassed in the workplace, you can file a complaint without the help of an attorney. But working with an employment lawyer can also point out your best legal options when it comes to sexual harassment.


If you’ve been denied overtime pay or misclassified as an employee, you may be entitled to lost wages. We can help employees who believe they are owed proper overtime pay based on their employment circumstances and Arizona labor laws.


In Arizona, employers can’t fire or retaliate against employees who are considered “whistleblowers,” or those who’ve exposed an employers’ illicit behaviors or acts. Here’s what to do if you’re facing whistleblower issues.

Employment Attorney Mike Pruitt & Team

For more than 30 years, employment attorney Mike Pruitt has helped employees and employers around the Phoenix metro area navigate complex employment issues in the workplace. He’s worked with all types of employment cases and clients, from individual employees to large groups seeking legal counsel.

Some of his areas of expertise including employee rights, employee privacy, employee benefits litigation and issues related to contracts, breaches of contracts and other employment agreements. Mike Pruitt has been an attorney in Arizona since 1988 and is a key stakeholder and Executive Committee member at JacksonWhite Law, where he has practiced since 1989.

Mr. Pruitt received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brigham Young University, and served as a clerk for Honorable William E. Eubank of the Arizona Court of Appeals before joining JacksonWhite Law. He has been named to Arizona’s list of SuperLawyers, as well as a Top 10 Wage and Hour Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Our attorneys are complemented by an experienced legal staff dedicated to the success of our clients. With more than 45 years of combined experience, our team can provide the legal assistance you need to ensure your rights are protected and upheld in the workplace.

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If you’ve had your workplace rights violated or limited by an employer, or if you’ve lost wages or benefits due to being misclassified, the team at JacksonWhite Law can help. Our years of experience and thorough knowledge of labor laws in Arizona allows us to provide superior legal counsel when it matters most.

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